Who/what is Magna Wave PEMF?

Prompted by great success on Thoroughbred racehorses Magna Wave was formed to introduce this highly effective therapy to the equestrian world in an organized branded manner. Since its beginning Magna Wave has grown quickly and has become a recognized brand of quality therapy. Equestrians have come to understand and appreciate the level of therapy they will receive from Magna Wave therapists around the country. Magna Wave is used by many of the top thoroughbred trainers, and show barns in the United States.

What kind of demand is there for equine Magna Wave therapy?

Every equestrian – owner, trainer, and rider of racehorses or show horses -wants his or her horse to have every possible edge in competition. Magna Wave can help provide that edge. Similarly, every owner of a pleasure horse wants the assurance that their horse is the best it can be. Because of the health promoting qualities of Magna Wave, as well as its curative properties, this therapy is being incorporated by knowledgeable equestrians as an integral part of their horses’ total and continuous health care program.

What can I expect to pay for Magna Wave services?

Fees presently range from $75.00 to $125.00 per session and a session will generally last between 35-45 minutes. On the first treatment, most of that time is spent familiarizing the horse to the practitioner and the machine, with actual treatment time around 25 minutes.

Each subsequent

If a particular track or barn has already been exposed to the advantages of equine sports massage, a fee of $125.00 is custom. A track or barn where the owner or trainers have not yet witnessed the benefits of Magna Wave, we would like to offer a fee of $75.00 or often a free demonstration may be in order. It is not unusual to treat between 5 and 10 horses per day at your barn, or event. As a Certified Magna Wave therapist we are offering a valuable professional service. You can expect to get the quality of a health care professional for your horse.

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