Who/what is Magna Wave PEMF?

Prompted by great success on Thoroughbred racehorses and performance horses Magna Wave has become a leader in the PEMF industry, providing helpful therapy, not only to equine athletes but to all breeds of dogs. Since its beginning, Magna Wave has grown quickly and has become the recognized brand of quality PEMF therapy. With machines placed globally, people have come to understand and appreciate the level of therapy their dogs will receive from Magna Wave practitioners in the U.S. and around he world. With the use of proprietary technology, actual clinical trials with our equipment, and continual safety testing Magna Wave has become the goto device for inflammation reduction, pain relief and cellular rejuvenation providing your canine with the ability to better heal itself.

What kind of demand is there for Magna Wave therapy for Dogs?

Everyone wants their pets to feel their best and to maintain their physical ability to live their life in comfort. Owners of personal pets and owners of competitive pets want to have every possible edge in daily life or competition. Magna Wave can help provide that edge. We receive hundreds of visits every month to our website from individuals looking for practitioners and treatment services for their pets in their area. Our list of over 250 practitioners is growing daily but is nowhere near where it needs to be to adequately service the growing demand. Because of the health promoting qualities of Magna Wave, as well as its curative properties, this therapy is being incorporated by veterinarians, and practitioners, as an integral part of their practices and continuous health care services to their clients. One key aspect of the Magna Wave success is the fact that the machines are easy to operate, do not require the application of jells or pads. The machines can be operated by any staff member or client operated if desired.

What does it cost for Magna Wave services?

There are several ways that practitioners charge for Magna Wave services for canines. Usually it’s a flat fee of $40.00 to $60.00 per treatment. Average sessions run around fifteen to twenty minutes. Another model is a monthly subscription fee for unlimited or a designated number of treatments. We usually operate our Magna Wave business on a cash basis, as well as an wireless credit card/ paypal system.